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ABC Dog Academy specializes in modern, humane dog training methods rooted in science, and designed to help with behavior problems in dogs of any age.

ABC Dog Academy offers custom created training plans and in-home training sessions designed with you and your dog's lifestyle and training goals.

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A Little Bit About Michelle

I began my dog training passion in 2013 after adopting two bully mix dogs, Joe and Nina, from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. I am a graduate of Iowa State University and was an educator for many years, but became even more passionate about learning all I could about science driven learning for dogs and their human companions. Beginning in 2014, I began teaching dog and puppy classes using positive reinforcement based methods, and I have helped hundreds of clients and their dogs to improve behavior and communication struggles. I am also a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild and an Evaluator for the American Kennel Club. I also became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)

In December 2020, I created ABC Dog Academy to continue my passion of helping people use science based learning to help achieve a harmonious quality of life for both dogs and their humans.  



COVID Precautions

As of May 9th, 2021, I am fully vaccinated for Covid-19. I was also boosted in November.

The dog trainer has the option to wear a mask depending on the amount of positivity in our county.  Please communicate your comfort level to the trainer as needed.

Zoom Private Training 
Private Training

All dog training provided from ABC Dog Academy will use positive reinforcement methods. No fear, intimidation, or pain will be used to help you with your dog's training issues. Additional supplies or tools may be required to have optimal results.



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Crate Training

Impulse Control

Resource Guarding

Jumping on People

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Trick Dog Training/Special Events

Loose Leash Walking

Reduce Fear and Anxiety

Behavior Modification/ Teaching Cues



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Michelle is very knowledgeable in this field and clearly has a passion for it, but what I really enjoyed about working with Michelle was her adaptability. She doesn’t just blindly follow a script or a playbook, she carefully plans her sessions based on your dogs specific needs AND yours as a new trainer. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Drew O.

Michelle is a wonderfully enthusiastic trainer.  We met with Michelle for four weeks to help train our 10 week old puppy labradoodle.  She was knowledgeable, high energy, friendly and engaging.


After each session, Michelle sent us homework, resources and videos.  The assigned homework really benefited our relationship with our new family member.  Examples were the say my name game, charging the clicker, hand targeting, kennel manners and much more.  Examples of resources are pet friendly businesses, beneficial toys and places to purchase equipment for the new puppy.


We believe this investment was worth our time and money.  Michelle never steered us wrong, we learned and as long as we did the homework, we made progress. Thank you Michelle for everything!

John and Ronnie H.

Michelle Hoile of ABC Dog Academy came to our rescue to help us with our overactive puppy! Since we were already a dog parent, we were not aware of tricks to ease our sanity in helping with the management of two. Michelle taught us simple things to ease feeding times, potty training and all things puppies need to know. Michelle is full of knowledge to make dog parenting turn from frustration to fun. We now have a happy, well adjusted puppy who was assimilated into our household making us all happy!

Barb and Larry J.

It was so fun and informative having Michelle come to our house for private lessons.  We started the week we brought our new eight week old puppy, Glory, a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shephard mix home.  This a breed we had never worked with before.  We had Michelle come for six weeks of lessons, and we learned a variety of commands.  Michelle teaches by giving instructions with practice and positive reinforcement, and follows up with a homework sheet each week with all of the instructions written down. We learned so much, and Glory is on her way to becoming a great dog!  I highly recommend Michelle as a dog trainer!


Jackie K. 

I reached out to Michelle after having a frustrating day with our one year old blue heeler mix dog. Daisy is constant, high energy with varying types of anxiety which led to unwanted aggressive behaviors. 

Michelle's home visits were a sigh of relief. She taught us valuable skills and techniques to implement positive changes in Daisy's behavior. Thanks to Michelle and her fun, reliable teaching methods, we now love spending time with our furry companion! Thanks, Michelle!

Michelle and Nick P.

I have a dog that lacks confidence in new places.  Michelle has been so great helping me get my dog ready for competition rally.  She breaks down each behavior into small pieces to help my dog know exactly what we want him to do.  She is also very knowledgeable about dog behavior so we can discuss things to do to make him more comfortable.  I love working with her!  And I know my dog looks forward to our weekly lesson with her.

Gloria S.